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Teaching The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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So I believe creativity has a twofold mission to see through; sharpen the intellect through vigorous use and take the tedium out of the learning process by ensuring the presence of element of fun throughout. Needless to say, the learning experiences need to walk the learner through a gradient of exercises.

An MI Lesson Around the Poem: The Rime of Ancient Mariner, by S.T. Coleridge

In the successful accomplishment of the dual responsibility, creativity sets off a chain reaction of ideas subsequently leading to an explosion of ideas. In such an event, the learner tends gain autonomy of learning going through a process of self-discovery and self-learning. Creativity is shaping the teacher into a gardener to keep the pests of doubt at bay, watering the idea to life with experience and nourish the learning with right advice.

Role of creativity is to transform the classroom into a playground where each child plays a game of his choice at his own pace and with playmates of his choice but all of them pursue the single goal of learning and growing. Role of Creativity is to maximize the usability of existing resources to varying lessons and changing needs.

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Finally role of creativity is to equip the leaner or the teacher with the courage to get up after every fall, the resilience to bounce back into action after every fall and show a way out of every problem encountered. Thus, I believe the role of creativity is meet the demands of the teacher, learner and the constraints of the learning materials and environment to keep the wheels of teaching learning process moving with timely lubrication.

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Last but not the least, the role of creativity is to be the makeup man disguises teaching learning process into an exciting adventure of exploring discovering and attaining. Please check the Methodology and Language for Secondary course at Pilgrims website. Please check the Teaching Advanced Students course at Pilgrims website. N Shesha Prasad, India. Coleridge Learning objectives Cater for the multiple intelligences of the learners.

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Inject an element of enthusiasm and make learning of the poem an enjoyable experience. Promote the understanding of the poem. Enhance the linguistic abilities of the learners through promoting LSRW skills.

Foster an ecofriendly attitude and respect for nature. Develop interesting and reliable testing tools. Activities Capturing the imagery of the poem on charts.

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Talk show involving the albatross, the mariner, wedding guest, a few sailors. Dumb charades of the scenes of the poem for better understanding of the poem. MCQ test through Silent reading of the poem. Explain the greenish ice, the oils on the sea and the slimy creatures in scientific terms. Presentation The artists of the class capture the specific points of the poem on paper like the scene of the splitting of the ice or the painted ship upon a painted ocean or the dancing death fires in the rotting sea at night.

source link The musically inclined students would produce the sounds that figure in the poem and the rest of the class identifies the extract like the ice split with a thunderous split, the ice growled and furrow followed free etc Assessment - once again success is directly proportional to the speed of recognition by the learners.